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Your Market Message

Tell a better story. Simplify your engagement. Create a unique market category. Drive impact.

Why ‘Your Market Message’?

Your Market Message makes it easy for audiences to understand you and enables your teams to articulate your value prop.

We elevate your story to activate CXO customers, employees or investors. We create brand categories, value propositions and internal engagement, using our message framework and market positioning tools.

Activity includes:

  • We recommend and present possible market categories and positions, refined in workshop format

  • We provide a master message framework – including tagline, one-liner, boilerplate and message blueprint

  • We refine the message and make it relevant for your specific customer groups


A strong, differentiated brand category

A message framework for brands, propositions and communications

Stories that CXOs buy into

Segmented messages for different markets and customers


“I am so impressed at the difference Tollejo made to us. They not only gave us a story we all bought into, but a superb go-to-market plan.

“Differentiation in banking is hard and they really helped us to crack that. Once we had our story and strategy, we drove some amazing results.”

Ewan MacLeod; Chief Digital Officer, Nordea Bank

Why Tollejo?

We’ve led advisory programmes to improve commercial performance for global organisations, mid-sized companies and scale-ups. We’re interested in your challenges and vested in your success. 

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