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The Value Sales Method

Arm your teams with confidence, storytelling abilities and the tools to engage CXOs and communicate value.


Learn to take a bold stance, think bigger and tell better stories that inspire CXOs

Articulate your value proposition in public speaking, writing executive summaries and pitches

Empower your sales teams with confidence to create value and ask challenging questions

Inspire your buyer with insight and fresh ideas that lead them to new conclusions (and deals)

What is The Value Sales Method?

The Value Sales Method (VSM) is a coaching programme to improve your sales performance, customer trust and engagement. 

We’ll help you identify the root causes for losing sales and how to improve your skills in inspiring clients to collaborate with you. 

The VSM will arm your teams with confidence, storytelling skills and sales tools that engage CXOs on their agenda.

We transform the way sales or growth teams address their audiences, allowing value creation and creative selling to come to the forefront of your strategy.


“We hired Tollejo to help define the brand and communication strategy for Moonfare, the digital platform that allows individual investors to invest into some of the best private equity and venture capital funds that were previously only available to institutions. These investments are complex and not for everyone.”

“In a thorough and engaging process Tollejo helped us to develop a clear architecture for brand and messaging that we were able to implement with in-house resources across all relevant content and media channels as well as in the interactions of partnerships and investor solutions teams.”

– Yuri Narciss, Moonfare Managing Director

Why Tollejo?

We’ve led research and advisory programmes to improve commercial performance for global organisations, mid-sized companies and scale-ups. We’re interested in your challenges and vested in your success.

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