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Tollejo Briefing: Value in Ventures, Fresh Faces & A New Challenge

Hi guys

How are you keeping?


Can you get a story past an FT journalist? 

This month we launched the ‘Quotable Challenge’ – an in-depth interview with an ex-FT journalist to test your story.


Whether it’s product, sustainability, growth strategy or investor comms, your exec team needs to be able to articulate with clarity and confidence.


So bring your best execs. We’ll run them through their paces and show you how to improve.


Reply if you’d like to know more 



Value in Ventures 

Hortium has successfully launched to market.


Hortium is already dealing with global brands and retail groups. It’s fascinating to work with Amar Nandha and build a truly disruptive business.


As well as the go-to-market and creative work, we’re helping Hortium to build a partner programme and raise funds.  


Let me know what you think of the new site.


Covid, Crowdfunding and Creativity in the Cloud: The Programmable World Podcast 

Some wicked interviews this month:


CrowdfundingRobin Block (CEO of Creator VC)

discusses how community-driven revenue can come from the most surprising places. (Robin has created the highest grossing Kickstarter documentaries of all time)


The fintech revolution and the people supporting it – Carlton Hopper, MD of GFT,  talks banking platforms, Gen-Z and how banks are looking to engineers for more answers on the future.


Irene Sandler, VP of Global Marketing for Cognizant, talks about creativity and how Covid drove more innovation than we have yet realised. 


I’d love your recommendations for guests, so please say hello.


New Faces 2023

I am really happy to announce both Ben Hunt and Tim Hames have joined our team. 

Ben Hunt is my former editor at Financial Times Digital Business. He has since driven global comms for a number of companies including Nokia-Siemens, Siemens and Amadeus. Ben joins Tollejo as a communications partner. 

Tim Hames – former lead writer for the Times and director general of the British Venture Capital Association joins the Tollejo advisory board. 



That’s it for this month. Say hi. Let’s have coffee.



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