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The Value Sales Method

The Value Sales Method is for companies who want to elevate their pitch. They need to understand where their strengths lie, how to articulate a great story and how to put that into sales practice.

So many companies leave money on the table

They don’t ask the client what they really want, and when the client asks for something off-menu, they often don’t know how to respond. This results in companies losing business because all they know how to do is use a commodity-based approach to sell products and services.

The Values Sales Method approach ensures salespeople have the confidence, the drive and they’re armed with the stories to talk to clients about the outcomes and the value they need to achieve as opposed to the products they need to buy.

This is where value selling comes into play.

The Four Pillars

The Mirror

See your company’s position through the eyes of your customers. Find out from your customers what they think, what they want and what they don’t want.

The Value Story

Better understand the market and brand category in which you dominate and own the language . Develop a framework for your message by breaking down stories and messages into market segments and determining where products fit into value-based challenges.


Permission is a coaching programme that empowers your sales teams with the tools, mindset, and approach required to engage CXOs at the highest level for the largest deals.

Thought Leadership Marketing

 Thought Leadership marketing necessitates a strategy and marketing plans in order to engage and recruit new clients and have broader market conversations than simply generating leads.


“My sales and client relationship teams were underperforming. Poorly written proposals, poorly prepared teams, inadequate understanding of client requirements – all culminating in losing business.

“Dan and the team helped us with this. They used simple techniques focused on the client first to hold the mirror up to us about how bad our interactions were.

“Has it worked? You bet – win rates are up. Well-prepared teams are happier and more confident… and certainly more buyable for our clients.”

– Christine Wyatt, IBM GBS General Manager

Why Tollejo?

Tollejo has led hundreds of companies through the value sales method enabling thousands of business leaders and sales and marketing executives to deliver millions of pounds in sales wins.
The value sales method was created by Dan Ilett, a former journalist who wrote for The Financial Times and The Economist group. As a media trainer to CEOs and executives, Dan realised many leaders have difficulty articulating value to the market and their clients and refer to product selling as a safety net.

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