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The Special Forces CMO: Supercharging Sales in the Face of Adversity

The role of the CMO has been thrown into turmoil this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the majority of business’ efforts towards digital transformation and has seen many having to lob some marketing cargo off of the ship.

Experts suggest Chief Marketing Officers should “tread lightly” in the coming months. Some 74% of CMOs have shifted budget to digital advertising, whilst 28% have cancelled media buys.

The future is complex for tech firms, especially in regard to how they present themselves. Both tech and marketing are undergoing generational shifts and a good CMO is proving to be the central puzzle piece for many brands looking to grow.

The term “modern renaissance marketer” has grown from this – a person capable of adapting brands according to societal shifts – “sitting at the crossroads of art and science”.

The notion may seem dramatic, but as we’ve all seen these past six months, a lack of innovation and proactivity can prove fateful. An effective CMO can drive sales and commercial development more than much of a business’ sales staff.

The candidate being described will hold huge budget and customer responsibility and will not typically be found through a standard job advert.

Tollejo’s retention product, “YourCMO”, transforms this process to a painless and efficient parachute drop of leadership directly into your business.

YourCMO drives impact in three distinct ways: integrated performance, marketing transformation and sales enablement. It represents the post-COVID marketing landscape that sees the CMO as the battery to be placed in the back of your brand.

Tollejo’s global network of associate partners specialise in driving business outcomes and remaining resilient and flexible in times of uncertainty. The digital marketing resources at your disposal then keeps you capable of dealing with whatever adversity is thrown your way.

To talk more about what YourCMO could achieve for your business, contact Tollejo today.

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