The Mirror

Discover how well your messages, marketing and sales processes are performing – and how to improve them – with our research and benchmarking processes

Why ‘The Mirror’?

Why not ask valuable questions? Understanding your client and stakeholder’s view is key to creating a more sustainable relationship with them – and growing a larger share of the market. 

Through our research and benchmarking processes,  The Mirror shows you how well your messages, marketing and sales processes are performing – and how to improve them.

It is our best-selling programme because it provides a multi-faceted view of your true position in the market, leaving no stone unturned, and provides the basis for a stronger market position. 

We work closely with you through a number of sprints to ascertain your position and then present you with our findings and recommendations. 

There are five pillars of activity:

1. We review your messaging with internal teams to assess its effectiveness

2. We run a message benchmark, comparing a company to others in the market

3. We analyse all sales, pitch and marketing materials to ensure consistency and delivery of client value

4. We examine your marketing and sales plan to see if they are aligned with your growth plans

5. We interview your clients to find out what they really think of you

Use Cases

Research & understand customer opinions

Brand loyalty is low

Our products don’t resonate with audiences

Customer inputs aren’t included in our marketing plan


“My sales and client relationship teams were underperforming. Poorly written proposals, poorly prepared teams, inadequate understanding of client requirements – all culminating in losing business.

“Dan and the team helped us with this. They used simple techniques focused on the client first to hold the mirror up to us about how bad our interactions were.

“Has it worked? You bet – win rates are up. Well-prepared teams are happier and more confident… and certainly more buyable for our clients.”

– Christine Wyatt, IBM GBS General Manager

Why Tollejo?

We’ve led huge research programs for global tech and editorial organisations.

Our team comprises ex-journalists who have written reports and articles for the Financial Times and the Economist Group. Our sales and marketing consultants have led thought leadership campaigns for Fortune and FTSE organisations to drive global-brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

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