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The Importance of Customer Research – The Mirror

The Mirror is an exercise which allows an external observer to analyse an organisation’s strong points and shortcomings – much like a real life mirror, this external perspective serves as a tool for recalibrating a business’ understanding of who they really are, and who they should be striving to be. 


Here are some key benefits of this exercise: 

  • Understanding the Customer’s Needs

Just like a doctor consults their patients before coming up with a diagnosis, a consultancy must understand the shortcomings and difficulties a business is facing before ‘cooking up’ a solution. 

  • Enhancing Message Effectiveness

Once the pain points within an organisation have been identified, a route for improvement can be sketched out. What exactly is missing from allowing a specific customer to reach their target audience effectively? How can they trump their competitors by pinpointing their niche? 

  • Identifying their USPs

Often, when a business is faced with uncertainty, many leaders opt for the safe, tried and tested method that appears to work for their competitors. We see uncertainty as an opportunity for creativity, and really dialling into the customer’s unique selling points. By understanding what sets them apart, a business can build a strong brand identity, drawing their target market’s attention to their services. 

  • Building Constructive, Long-term Customer Relationships

If the client feels understood and supported, they will want to nurture that relationship. As part of The Mirror, our customers face their client’s feedback head-on, allowing them to better understand how to serve their own clients’ needs. 

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