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The Executive Summary

We write a lot of executive summaries for reports, research and bids.

The executive summary is one of the most important documents in business to business selling.

That’s because it goes in front of the ultimate buyer.

From the user’s perspective, that executive sees lots of these companies trying to pitch for the same deal. They have no time and they’re constantly being distracted.

Those executive summaries usually look exactly the same as each other at a jammed full of difficult to business words, acronyms and lists of stuff the sales team thinks are important.

So you have to make this document standout.

It has to grab attention in two seconds.

So you should always kick off with a great headline back that up with a brilliant story. You need great proof points and the confidence to say less rather than more.

You don’t need lots of words, but you do need to show that person you’re confident, capable and able to contribute more than what the client has asked for.

Here are some tips to help.

Dan is an expert in global technology brand marketing and sales. He has advised IBM, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Samsung and Cisco on brand position, go-to-market strategy and sales performance. He has launched businesses in Fintech, Cleantech, SaaS and marketing platforms. Dan is an award-winning tech journalist who wrote for the Financial Times and Economist Group.

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