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The Double-Edged Sword of Data Centers: Balancing Power and Sustainability with Michael Winterson

As technology continues to reshape our world, data centres have become crucial to our digital ecosystem. 


The latest podcast episode on Programmable World, hosted by Dan Illett, managing partner at Tollejo, features Michael Winterson, the managing director of Equinix, a global digital infrastructure company, and chair of the European Data Centre Association (EDCA). 


Michael shared valuable insights on the demands, sustainability efforts, and perceptions surrounding data centres.


Data centres serve more than only big companies such as Amazon or Microsoft. We rely on data centres when we use a service or application on our phones or laptops. The information we consume on a daily basis has passed through data centres on its way to us, making them a necessary component of our everyday lives.


Michael spoke on data centres’ challenges in addressing the needs of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Infrastructure and computer power are significant challenges that data centres must overcome. However, Michael emphasised, “The world has really only just begun on its digital transformation and  the curve is still going up.” 


A critical aspect of data centres is sustainability. Michael addresses the common misconceptions regarding data centres and their environmental implications.


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