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Slow Is The New Down – Unpacking Performance and Productivity

On the latest episode of Programmable World, host Dan Ilett interviews Amar Nandha, founder and CEO of Hortium.


Hortium protects business service productivity by shining a light on slow applications. 


Amar’s Journey


Speaking outside Leicester Tigers rugby stadium, Amar tells the story of how he created Hortium. 

Initially operated as a consultancy, Hortium became an AI-based platform to show companies where their services are slow or failing the customers.

The platform now services global companies, saving them millions of dollars per year. 

Amar explains that one of his biggest challenges was storytelling. 


Speed is critical to customer acquisition and sales 


Amar explains that as we move towards blockchain and peer-to-peer networks, service speed and consistency become more critical than ever. 

As he puts it “slow is the new down”.

Companies will not be able to tolerate regular and sustained outages, as they will impact their bottom line. 



For the full story from Amar, you can listen to the episode here.


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