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Sales teams need a boost of adrenaline?

Teams need to feel empowered to perform. They need confidence, communication and to be connected to the brand’s true capabilities

Tollejo’s engagement-coaching programme addresses the mindset of both leaders in how to they engage clients and each other – and provides confidence and clarity in how sales teams communicate brand value

Arm your sales and leadership teams with confidence with our different coaching areas:

  • Account Engagement: Find money left on the table and retain your clients – help your sales teams to upsell and better engage your company’s key account stakeholders

  • Storytelling & Creative Mindset: Shift box-ticking to ‘what if’ thinking and deliver true value by developing your brand story – and how your teams will deliver it 

  • Media, Speaking & Writing Training: Build confidence when writing, public speaking and/or relaying messages on camera by turning anxiety into creative energy


“My sales and client relationship teams were underperforming. Poorly written proposals, poorly prepared teams, inadequate understanding of client requirements – all culminating in losing business.

“Dan and the team helped us with this. They used simple techniques focused on the client first to hold the mirror up to us about how bad our interactions were.

“Has it worked? You bet – win rates are up. Well-prepared teams are happier and more confident… and certainly more buyable for our clients.”

– Christine Wyatt
IBM GBS General Manager

Why Tollejo?

We’ve led huge sales and communication programs for global tech and editorial organisations

Our team comprises ex-journalists who have written for the Financial Times and the Economist Group. Our sales and marketing consultants have led coaching programmes for Fortune and FTSE organisations to drive global brand awareness, communications and sales & leadership performance. 

Use Cases

Communicate your brand value clearly – both internally and externally

Empower sales and leadership teams with confidence

Develop simplified, easy-to-understand sales collateral

Get teams working better together with a consistent brand story