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Arm your sales teams with confidence when communicating value – and learn new ways of thinking about talking to your market and clients (Tollejo’s coaching programme for teams)

Why do we need Permission?

Imagine your team as an enabled, confident and capable group that knew what it could achieve and made damned sure it would do so.

Imagine you could articulate your offering better than a TV presenter and that your team knew exactly how to land the value message with your clients, so selling was not a transaction.

Teams need to feel empowered to perform. They need confidence, communication and to be connected to the brand’s true capabilities. They need Permission to feel they can do that – and in so many companies we have seen, teams feel they must get that from your leaders.

Permission is our best-selling coaching course for execs, sales and marketing teams to better deliver messages, communicate and grow confident in what they sell. It is Tollejo’s take on sales enablement, which often provides teams with much-needed belief in the brand, message and capabilities they are selling.

Permission can be run on ‘live’ bids, small groups or as a working seminar. Whichever format you choose, your teams will work hard and learn new ways of thinking about how they talk to the market and your clients. 

Use Cases

Our teams lack confidence in sales & communications and we need to empower them

We need help communicating, internally and externally, more clearly

We need the confidence to articulate our brand value


“Members of the Tollejo team have been instrumental in helping us figure out how we position ourselves in the innovation space.

“Unlike the usual consultancy, their strategies have maintained a fine balance between being creative, business focused and with measurable, data-driven impacts.

“They have also carried this impressive performance over into their work with our portfolio companies, helping them focus on their market proposition and ultimately driving growth.”

– Chris Semple; BBVA Global Lead, Innovation, Digital & Data

Why Tollejo?

Our team comprises ex-journalists who have written reports and articles for the Financial Times and the Economist Group. Our marketing consultants have led thought leadership campaigns for Fortune and FTSE organisations to drive global-brand awareness. 

We’ve worked on some huge thought leadership projects and we genuinely love to come up with challenging ideas that interest people. 

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