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Passion, Perseverance, and Crowdfunding: The Story of Robin Block, Founder of CreatorVC

The latest podcast episode on Programmable World, hosted by Dan Illett, managing partner at Tollejo, features Robin Block, the CEO and founder of CreatorVC.


Robin has produced some of the biggest crowdfunded documentaries in history. His record-breaking fan funding initiatives have amassed massive community, massive fundraisers and incredible worldwide engagement. In fact, his third documentary, a five-hour sci-fi hit, currently holds the record as the highest-grossing crowdfunded documentary ever, with over 65,000 backers.


Despite having almost no experience in crowdfunding, Robin managed to raise £4,000 within a few hours of launching his first documentary on Kickstarter. “The feeling when people buy into your ideas is one that never goes away. That elation I felt… I knew when I’d done that first crowdfunding campaign, I was never going back. This was what I wanted to do now,” says Robin.


The success has not only been due to the high-quality execution of CreatorVC’s documentaries, his business, media experience, and the company’s powerful marketing campaigns, but from the raw passion evident in everything they create, which Robin defines as “community powered entertainment.” 


Robin expresses many things, but one of the pivotal takeaways is “crowdfunding, content, and documentaries are something that I’m really passionate about because you’re able to build a relationship with a backer that you can’t deliver and create with a broadcast audience.”


Prior to achieving success, Robin faced a challenging period in his life that many of us, particularly those in the entrepreneurial world, can relate to. Despite this setback, he was able to make a successful comeback. “I was failing at doing something I didn’t really want to do,” says Robin. He adds, “I just felt like I was living a completely inauthentic life. And it probably took me getting to that point to realise that there’s no fear in trying. If I’m failing at this, I could fail at something else.”


Robin’s search for authenticity, fulfilment, and resonance was motivated by a desire to maintain autonomy and to find purpose. “In the end, it was having my back to the wall that left me with no other option other than to chase a dream which didn’t feel real, and  it was a leap into the unknown and it changed my life.”


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