Tollejo Briefing: Budgets slashed, the cybercrime boom and your commercial performance

Slashed budgets Last week Mutiny, the website-conversion specialist, hosted a superb webinar on marketing in the current economic climate. Speakers included Jason Lemkin, Founder at SaaStr, Sarah Franklin, CMO at Salesforce, and Chris Koehler, CMO at Box. Mutiny’s community poll found 75% of teams have had or are preparing to have their marketing budgets cut. […]

Disgruntled from every corner

For the first time in a few years, I went to Infosec to catch up with a few old friends. Cyber security was one of my journalist beats – and I was surprised how sophisticated the attacks have now become. The cyber security industry will boom this year, but ratings agency Moody’s suggests most organisations […]

Marketing Consultancy Tollejo Launches Thought Leadership Research and Content Unit

London, UK: Strategic marketing consultancy Tollejo announced today the launch of its Thought Leadership research and content service to help B2B brands engage global executives and leaders. “We’re making it easier for brands to publish global research content that drives higher engagement without the stuffiness,” said Dan Ilett, Managing Partner of Tollejo. “So much thought […]

Tollejo Briefing: 2022 – The Swerving Curveball

Here’s the the latest from Tollejo. Quick lessons: Don’t leave money on the table – it’s almost certainly there  It’s especially important now to give clarity to your customers and teams  Shout louder – turn up the marketing volume while it’s cheap 2022: A Swerving Curveball to Plan For If you thought it was hard to make […]

AI software monitoring employees at home surges in popularity, amidst pandemic

The working-from-home revolution that has been inflicted upon many of us is one which raises queries about how artificial intelligence could be used to monitor employees at home. This concept is nothing new; early forms of surveillance have seen apps signal managers when workers have been away from their desk for prolonged periods of time. […]

The Strain to Retain: 5 Pitfalls of Ignoring Your Customers

When most people think of marketing, they usually think of appealing to new customers. Marketing isn’t usually associated with reaching out and messaging existing customers — only 18 percent of brands said that the main focus of their marketing efforts is customer retention (as opposed to customer acquisition). Nevertheless, messaging for your existing clients is just as […]

Seven B2B Tech Taglines We Love

What makes a good tagline? Creating the perfect tagline is something that many brands struggle with. How can you fit what you are into a few words? How can you convey your essence in a three-word message, in such a way that gets people to act? What Your Tagline Needs to Consist of There are […]

CMOs prioritise brand strategy as digital dominates post-Covid marketing channel mix

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are increasing their spend on digital channels as the COVID pandemic has scuppered many 2020 offline campaigns. As a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, one-third of CMOs (33%) now rank brand strategy as one of the top three strategic priorities – a big jump from 2019, surpassing analytics, personalization and […]

The brand dangers of buying the wrong AI product

Companies looking to position in the AI market will quickly need to satisfy ethical questions for buyers – even though the demand curve looks steep. The impact of buying the ‘wrong AI’ could have huge impact on brand equity. The AI market is on track to grow to $100bn by 2025 – six-fold from 2019’s […]

Why Microsoft, IBM and Amazon disavowed ‘biased’ facial recognition only now?

Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have walked away from facial recognition tech in law enforcement. Neither company owns a significant market share, but the reputational risk for continuing with the technology has littered each brand with much bigger problems of protest groups, privacy ethics and years of working through the courts. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study […]

Hit with the B of the Bang

You have approximately one second to capture someone’s attention. Perhaps three – and if you’re really lucky, a few more. But make no mistake, we are talking seconds. As I write this, Netflix is trialling a service to fast-forward content for time-poor people so they can watch the essentials of a movie or season without […]

The Anatomy of Category — Using USP to Create New Markets

Stand out from the crowd. It sounds so simple, but a majority of businesses fail to do that. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, you won’t be visible to consumers.   What many people don’t understand is that trying to stand out in a crowded market is not enough; instead, you have to […]

Fintechs struggle to monetise digital banking services

For most industries, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is getting the customer to pay you. This is particularly true for “neobanks” ike Starling, Revolut and Monzo. Despite millions of users and a reputation of providing smooth user-experiences, most UK consumers are unwilling to pay for fintech apps.   This comes after Monzo, the London-based […]

Cutthroat COVID economy threatens SaaS investment boom

COVID has seen vast changes in companies’ budgets, and 80% of them say these cuts won’t be reverting back anytime soon. Yet, over half of businesses worldwide have spent the same or more on SaaS products during this period. ‍ More and more businesses have stepped up their efforts to operate completely digitally, and this has seen SaaS companies […]

Cloud Security 2020: Barriers to Growth (and How to Overcome Them)

Public spending on cloud computing now accounts for 15% of IT spend and is estimated to grow to $500 billion by 2023. It’s no surprise that the growth markets within, particularly cloud security, are becoming a crowded space. Security and privacy brands saw $10 billion of investment in 2019, and with more companies working remotely […]

The Importance of Brand Storytelling – Your Market Story

The value of storytelling in marketing and branding is widely known. To be able to have customers understand a narrative you build and buy into the idea that your tech brand is a living, breathing entity is priceless. If you manage to balance fact and emotion into a storyline, your brand can reap the benefits […]

The Special Forces CMO: Supercharging Sales in the Face of Adversity

The role of the CMO has been thrown into turmoil this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the majority of business’ efforts towards digital transformation and has seen many having to lob some marketing cargo off of the ship. Experts suggest Chief Marketing Officers should “tread lightly” in the coming months. Some 74% of CMOs have shifted […]

Do you know if you’re a SaaS or field sales company?

 Many cloud security companies believe themselves to be Software as a Service (SaaS) firms, when they actually have a field-sales journey. A good marketing plan will include not only a channel-mix and a budget plan that reflects this, but sales enablement and product pricing too. ‍ Forty-one percent of investors and analysts say they are […]

Cut the jargon that’s killing your cloud security brand

It’s a bad industry habit to use technical, complicated language to sell cloud solutions. Cloud security products are complicated and technical innovations, but for the most part, the customer does not care about that one bit. ‍ The cloud security market is set to be worth $12.2B in 2023. With such a saturated online market, your […]

Cloud Security 2020: Branding

As a security provider in 2020, brand trust is paramount. Customers have many reasons to doubt a tech company’s claims and if your brand does not make a conscious effort to validate these claims, you will suffer. And with the current saturation of the cloud security market, it’s not enough to just offer a security […]

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