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Navigating the Circular Challenges of Cybersecruity

On the latest episode of the Programmable World podcast, host Dan Ilett, Managing Partner at Tollejo, interviews recognised cybersecurity experts Jason Hart and Todd Wade.

Jason Hart has worked in cybersecurity for 24 years, and has been fundamental in the establishment of the Chief Security Officer role in businesses worldwide. He makes regular global media appearances including on BBC, ITV, CNN and CNBC as an expert cybersecurity advisor.

Todd Wade is a speaker, author and current Chief Information Security Officer for a number of private equity firms. His book Cybercrime, published in 2022, advises readers on how to protect themselves and their families from digital attacks.


Investment or reform?

Jason and Todd explore the ways in which this exciting industry is developing. Jason makes the case that while more money is being invested in cybersecurity than ever before, there is a ‘continual increase in breaches’. 

He argues that it is a misconception that simply buying more tools will solve all of a business’ problems – establishing security as a fundamental aspect in a company is more important.

In fact, recent data from Pinset Masons has shown that regulator scrutiny of businesses is increasing – demonstrating an attitude that cybersecurity is increasingly perceived as a regulation and reform issue, rather than just an investment one.  


Fear, uncertainty and doubt

As Dan notes, cybersecurity is often sold to businesses on the basis of ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’; the Jevons Paradox is a great example of this – a paradox where developments in efficiency can lead to increased demand, and ultimately reduce efficiency, creating an endless cycle of detection and retaliation. 

In the episode, Todd also touches on the human aspect of digital security, explaining how organised attacks on executives take place. He explains how Deep-Fake and AI technology can be used, with cybercriminals able to craft alarmingly realistic content to blackmail executives or other high net worth individuals. Something we’ve all begun to see and hear about on social media.


What can businesses do?

Jason argues that most businesses may not be getting the most effectiveness from the technology they already have. 

Cybersecurity relates to every business function, so every department must be aware of what they are responsible and accountable for, regarding digital security. It cannot be seen as simply a technology problem, but rather an organisational one. 

Cybersecurity should be ingrained into the DNA of a company, with leaders focused on assigning responsibilities and managing risk, rather than trying to plug every digital security hole that arises with new and expensive technology.


For the full story, you can click here to listen to the episode on the Tollejo YouTube channel.

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