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Marketing Consultancy Tollejo Launches Thought Leadership Research and Content Unit

London, UK: Strategic marketing consultancy Tollejo announced today the launch of its Thought Leadership research and content service to help B2B brands engage global executives and leaders.

“We’re making it easier for brands to publish global research content that drives higher engagement without the stuffiness,” said Dan Ilett, Managing Partner of Tollejo. “So much thought leadership is dull, expensive and doesn’t get marketed. We are challenging that.”

“We have writers from global newspapers, experienced marketers and the research ability to engage decision makers from the world’s most influential companies. It’s time we made thought leadership more accessible and inclusive.”

Tollejo will also help brands to develop their own thought leaders, equipping them with skills for writing, media and presentations to better influence the market.

For more information about Tollejo Thought Leadership, please visit:

About Tollejo: Tollejo is a go-to-market consultancy based in London that positions B2B technology companies in the market and realigns corporate strategies to client requirements. The company has enabled its Fortune clients to win bids of more than $500m. Originally founded in 2007 as a media company, the team has evolved to lead strategy, sales enablement, messaging and leadership programmes for some of the largest brands in the world. Tollejo’s team is made up of ex-business journalists and global CXOs focused on growth and engagement.

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