Market Strategy

Our Fortune-grade marketing plans made by CMOs will arm you with the story and growth approach you need to reach your target markets, build your value proposition and win customers or investors

Win the customers you want

Through a series of design-thinking workshops with content outputs, we help you define the objectives, offerings, campaigns and operating model to achieve your business goals – and run a marketing and sales operation that performs.

Led by our team of ex-CMOs (who have been in our clients shoes before), the Market Strategy process takes into account all our findings from The Mirror, all the creative work from The Message and puts them into your growth plans – tailored to the main and sub-markets of your segmented products and services.

We help you discover:


What are we trying to achieve?


How do we package our offerings?

Campaigns & Activity

How do we engage employees, the market & stakeholders?

Op. Model & Process Maturity

Who does what, how do we organise, what is our ROI?

Use Cases

Discover a new, differentiated growth strategy

Boost performance of marketing and sales

Be investment-ready with strategy and collateral

Develop a Fortune-grade marketing plan, made by CMOs


“We knew we had to fight harder outside of the industry to win in new markets. Proposo has helped us to do that through with some very good work.

“We love our new position and the category Proposo has helped us with,” said Milliken. “The process has given us internal alignment so we can be confident in our growth story. It’s invaluable we can fall back on a story the market is now using without having to second guess.

“The combination of creative thinking and data precision has taken us forward leaps and bounds.”

 John Milliken, CEO of Speechmatics

Why Tollejo?

We’ve worked on some huge go-to-market projects for global companies

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, ex-Financial Times journalists, tech marketing and commercial leaders who have driven global-brand campaigns.

Our sales and marketing consultants have led thought leadership campaigns for Fortune and FTSE organisations to drive global-brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

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