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Listen, create and engage: a keynote workshop to engage c-level clients

  1. Listen, Create and Engage – a keynote workshop for better executive engagement

Technology consultancies and SaaS companies get too comfortable selling to the IT department and mid-management, but they struggle when it comes to business conversations at the executive level. These are the folks with the big budgets and longer-term projects in mind who have to deliver.

Tech companies leave money on the table with these opportunities they could own. They use product-based language and functional terminology which alienates the exec team as it never quite articulates value.

My name is Dan Ilett. I’m a former Financial Times business and technology journalist. I’ve written for the The Economist group, the New York Times, and a whole host of publications. I’m now editor of the Executive Summary, which provides top-line growth research and insight to global CXOs.

But a little more than that, for the last 13 years I’ve been helping tech companies to drive better engagement with high-level buyers for high value deals. I’ve worked with IBM, Cognizant, Cisco, Equinix, Fiserv and more to help them differentiate bids, executive campaigns and brand stories so they can land the big deals that matter. The $500m transformation deals.

I am CEO of Tollejo, a company that helps bluechip B2B companies to position and win high-value deals based on better communications with the C-level buyer.

I’ve also been a commercial director and chief digital officer in two FTSE financial organisations and I have built two notable, award-winning online publications, Greenbang and Coindesk, which amassed audiences of more than 1 million users a day.

I believe community and clarity are the key to unlocking more value for B2B buyers and more success for technology companies.

My talk “Listen, Create and Engage” is a collaborative session for large or small audiences that outlines the foundations of better communications with C-level buyers. We look at what it takes to enable conversations, position oneself as a trusted advisor and engage with better presentations, speeches and executive summaries that hit the mark.

This session ensures delegates work hard and learn by introducing new engagement techniques that enable them to look through the eyes of a global business journalist and a C-level buyer.

What you get

– A tailored talk for your company

– A collective critique of two of your executive summaries from the perspective of a journalist and C-level buyer

– Four key communication skills in self introductions, headlines, first paragraphs and messaging

– How to ask better questions

– A shift from transactional mindset to value-add conversations

– A takeaway toolkit with frameworks

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