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Put Your Brand Story to Work

Positioning, messaging, content and coaching for the market, sales team and deal room.

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Why you? So what?

I’ve been advising Fortune brands on story and sales communications for the last 15 years.

I’m a former business journalist and was on the founding team of Coindesk. I’ve also been a FTSE commercial director, so I understand the need for quick, measurable results and a strong community.

I founded Tollejo to help our clients in tech, financial, engineering and energy put their brand story to work. We challenge them on brand position, value propositions and content for C-level buyers. 

Thanks for looking. If you like what you see, we’d love to hear from you. 

Dan Ilett – Founder, Tollejo

Our Research: Growth Blockers

Our quarterly reports survey business and technology leaders on buying and selling trends in large enterprise. We ask how they’re overcoming their growth challenges and what they’re looking for from their suppliers. 

We conduct the Growth Blockers survey with The Executive Summary, which provides insight to a community of tech and business leaders in the City of London.

Specialists in…

Messaging Frameworks

Brand & Customer Research

Playbooks and Brochures


Go-to-Market Strategy

Brand Propositions

Thought Leadership Content

Brand Category Creation

How we get you there




Your clients recognise your unique, data-led expertise in your brand domain from our 360° brand, message and proposition research analysing customers, competitors, strategy and performance

Clients understand your value in content, communications and conversations with our targeted, segmented message frameworks for brand propositions, products and sales teams.

Clients see well-prepared, confident teams who lead them through their challenges from our workshops and coaching programmes

How you get there





Your clients recognise your data-led expertise in your brand domain and your proposition is unique from our 360° brand, message and proposition research analysing customers, competitors, strategy and performance


Customer Proposition Design

Brand Messaging


Sales Communications & Marketing Coaching

Talent, Content & Collateral

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