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Do you know if you’re a SaaS or field sales company?

 Many cloud security companies believe themselves to be Software as a Service (SaaS) firms, when they actually have a field-sales journey. A good marketing plan will include not only a channel-mix and a budget plan that reflects this, but sales enablement and product pricing too.

Forty-one percent of investors and analysts say they are now extremely concerned about cyber threats. Every business needs cyber security solutions – barriers to purchase arise from poor audience setting and too much focus on data.

The job of a marketing plan is easy when these barriers are addressed. Read on to understand how to alleviate and avoid these issues and strengthen the strategy your cloud security brand adopts.

Our full market guide, “Cloud Security 2020: Barriers to Growth” includes many more ways that your cloud security brand’s growth is being stunted – and how to overcome them.

The idea of tech brands being too sales led – with little marketing activity – is more common than you think. Many brands attempt to beat the traffic and solely focus on launching products as fast as possible.

On the other hand, some in the cloud security industry throw communications out into the world and do not measure the impact of their efforts.

It’s crucial to get these three areas of business aligned in one plan – or each department will run of fin its own siloed direction.

When the direction is consistent, the content needs to work. And this is because the C-suite are disengaged.


Your target audience primarily consist of CIOs and CISOs, so your marketing strategy should not be tailored for anyone else. Going in cold is almost impossible – especially because no CIOs’ roles are the same – but with the right research and communication marketing can help.


It should be known that a relationship trumps any marketing channel, but a strong professional relationship often arises from innovative communications.


And this is where analyst validation comes in. Analysts are the influencers of the B2B world and will often be the biggest stamp of approval to get customers contacting you, as opposed to the other way around.

Eighty-four percent of buyers say industry analyst reports impacted decision making, and 83% cite private analyst consultations as a toppurchase driver.


Many analysts also have league-table like reports, such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant or Forrester Wave Report. These reports are usually produced in very specific market segments and it is worth researching the different options to see where you best fit.


If your brand doesn’t have a route to achieve – or enhance –their brand’s analyst validation, paid-for marketing materials will prove a lot less impactful. This is because analysts already have a relationship with the buyer, and they need to be introduced to you.


So, a combination of an engaging marketing strategy, alongside a plan to garner analyst validation, will be the route to the marketing success of your cloud security brand.


Download our full guide here to learn what else is in your brand’s way, and what your brand needs to do to grow.

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