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Cut the jargon that’s killing your cloud security brand

It’s a bad industry habit to use technical, complicated language to sell cloud solutions. Cloud security products are complicated and technical innovations, but for the most part, the customer does not care about that one bit.

The cloud security market is set to be worth $12.2B in 2023. With such a saturated online market, your messaging has never mattered more. A website visitor or a blog reader isn’t going to wait around to decipher what distinguishes you from your competitors.


Read on to learn how to clarify your message and offering, and download our complete guide, “Cloud Security 2020: Barriers to Growth”, to discover more obstacles that may still be in the way of your cloud security brand.


As a cyber security company, it’s likely you’re using too much jargon. You might have even made an effort to not use jargon, but with such a fast-moving industry, there’s new terminology every year and most don’t keep up like you need to.


A lot of the time, jargon can be a way of demonstrating expertise. But technical language often comes across as a tool to “cloud the fact they (you) can’t succinctly articulate the value they bring to the industry”.


For many cloud security brands, a lazy messaging strategy – or no messaging strategy at all – leads to USPs with two flaws: (a lack of) clarity and originality.


Avoiding this means investing time and resources. It’s a big strategic step to make, especially when a lot of your competitors aren’t doing this.


A sign of success when clarifying your brand’s messaging is consistency. In the cyber security industry, companies are complex- different members of your team play very different roles. So, making sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet is difficult.


Although it’s difficult, it’s necessary. It means simple brand guidelines, creating a corporate culture worth talking about and maintaining distinct digital channels.


Every employee telling the same story encourages brand trust, referrals, strong customer relationships and improves the ability for your brand to be talked about online and off.


Good copy can translate that to your prospective customers, and good management can have your team translating this too.


When selling security products, clarity is king.


Download “Cloud Security 2020: Barriers to Growth (And How To Overcome Them) here to learn more.

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