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Content Creation

Whether it’s articles, playbooks or brochures, our team of ex-Financial Times journalists will create the copy you need to engage your customers 

Content to Inspire

Badly written brochures, decks and even blogs can reflect poorly on your brand. 

People read what’s interesting and relevant. They want to learn something they’ve not heard before and to trust the writer. 

Content is a user experience. It is at the heart of what we do as former journalists. 

We can help you to write world-class brochures, papers, blogs or social media campaign content based on your market battlegrounds.

Use Cases

Sales collateral

Articles & Blogs

Brochures, Decks and Playbooks

Internal training content


“My sales and client relationship teams were underperforming. Poorly written proposals, poorly prepared teams, inadequate understanding of client requirements – all culminating in losing business.

“Dan and the team helped us with this. They used simple techniques focused on the client first to hold the mirror up to us about how bad our interactions were.

“Has it worked? You bet – win rates are up. Well-prepared teams are happier and more confident… and certainly more buyable for our clients.”

– Christine Wyatt
IBM GBS General Manager

Why Tollejo?

We’ve written for some of the largest publications and companies in the world. Our team of former Financial Times writers have created reports for the UK government and written the entire sales narrative materials for Fortune companies. 

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