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How confident are you at the moment?

Just look at business founders this year. Some 49 percent say they are ready to quit

We spend so much time discussing mental health, but very little on confidence, which (in my opinion) is the more important side of the coin.

Confidence drives economies.

We don’t teach it at school, barely discuss it at work and you never hear of government-led confidence initiatives.

Is it because we’re British? We know we need it, but we have to find our own way to it. Don’t talk about it though. Ooh no, missus.

You probably think I’m being ridiculous, but following a pandemic, dire global leadership, war on the doorstep and economic uncertainty, it’s crucial we start to look at confidence in more ways than looking at spending data.

Case in point – the FT reports the gender investment gap is widening as women lack the same levels of investor confidence as men.

To fix it, we need to get better at communicating – stronger at speaking. greater at listening to ourselves and others – and all round be better storytellers.

So I made you a video about it. I hope you like it.

Dan is an expert in global technology brand marketing and sales. He has advised IBM, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Samsung and Cisco on brand position, go-to-market strategy and sales performance. He has launched businesses in Fintech, Cleantech, SaaS and marketing platforms. Dan is an award-winning tech journalist who wrote for the Financial Times and Economist Group.

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