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Confidence, Collaboration & Karate: Guy Remond’s Tech Journey

In the latest episode of Programmable World, host Dan Ilett speaks to Guy Remond.  

Guy is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the EHE Group,, and Guidr.


Guy’s storyfrom Sainsburys to serial entrepreneur 

With over two decades of expertise in tech, software development and consultancy, Guy’s journey began in Sainsburys. From there, he made the move into tech retail and began to climb the ranks in stores like Currys and PC World.

Then, in 2001, he co-founded Cake Solutions Limited, a simple software development company that eventually moved to solving complex backend scaling issues. The company’s success in helping global businesses to build software that could scale led to its acquisition by a multinational corporation. The business was later rebranded as Disney Streaming Services.

Along his entrepreneurial journey, Guy founded, a Manchester based company which helps tech companies to scale up and connects investors with high growth opportunities. 

He also founded Guidr, an entirely digital estate planning tool for lawyers, and Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs (EHE), a technology investment company.


Academia isn’t everything

Looking back, Guy explains to Dan that academia wasn’t for him. ”I’m one of these people who didn’t do that well at school and didn’t go to university and only started to flourish a little bit in the big wide world.” But, as Guy adds, “that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do.”

Guy reveals his dyslexia diagnosis which was discovered when his son was diagnosed. Guy describes being dyslexic as being different but, as he explains, it is also a strength as it allows him to view things from a different perspective. 


The power of a supportive team

Guy explains to Dan that he wasn’t confident until he was in his 30s, but he began to understand his personal strengths and build some confidence with the help of karate.

Building a strong team to cover all aspects of a business is vital. “Don’t worry if you don’t fit into the traditional view of someone who’s intelligent… everybody has intelligence in different ways.” Guy explains, “What you are bad at, build a team to cover that.”


For the full story from Guy, you can listen to the episode here.

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