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What our customers have to say

Brand and communication strategy

A clear brand and messaging architecture

“We hired Tollejo to help define the brand and communication strategy for Moonfare, the digital platform that allows individual investors to invest into some of the best private equity and venture capital funds that were previously only available to institutions. These investments are complex and not for everyone.”

“For qualified investors there are multiple very strong arguments for the asset class and the Moonfare platform – too many in reality to communicate them with clarity and consistency across our different channels. “

“In a thorough and engaging process Tollejo helped us to develop a clear architecture for brand and messaging that we were able to implement with in-house resources across all relevant content and media channels as well as in the interactions of partnerships and investor solutions teams.”

– Yuri Narciss
Moonfare Managing Director

Messaging and Strategy for Mega Bids

Messaging | Thought Leadership | Sales Enablement

“My sales and client relationship teams were underperforming. Poorly written proposals, poorly prepared teams, inadequate understanding of client requirements – all culminating in losing business.

“Dan and the team helped us with this. They used simple techniques focused on the client first to hold the mirror up to us about how bad our interactions were.

“Has it worked? You bet – win rates are up. Well-prepared teams are happier and more confident… and certainly more buyable for our clients.”

– Christine Wyatt
IBM GBS General Manager

Digital Advisory

Positioning | Strategy | Go-to-Market

“I am so impressed at the difference Tollejo made to us. They not only gave us a story we all bought into but a superb go-to-market plan.

“Differentiation in banking is hard and they really helped us to crack that. Once we had our story and strategy, we drove some amazing results.”

– Ewan MacLeod
Chief Digital Officer, Nordea Bank

Messaging, Thought Leadership & Sales Enablement

“Tollejo nails the brief each time. They take the time to understand our business—and they understand the challenges of landing messaging and positioning in large, matrixed organisations.

“They’ve helped us position service offerings, create thought leadership, and build corresponding sales enablement and marketing materials. The team loves working with them.”

– Irene Sandler
VP and Head of Cognizant Global Messaging & Portfolio Marketing

Digital Transformation

“Tollejo was able to take a complex product, turn it into a simple story with a great commercial plan – and implement it.”

– Iain Gibbons
Customer Director, Virgin Money

Messaging and Strategy for Mega Bids

Helping a telco turbo boost growth

“Tollejo is like rocket fuel for sales. Win rates go up. They approach growth from the customer perspective, lining up sales and marketing to ensure the brand position is a promise that is met.”

– Tim Davies
CEO of IDNet

Market Positioning to Drive Growth

Data-driven creativity with business focus

“Members of the Tollejo team have been instrumental in helping us figure out how we position ourselves in the innovation space.

“Unlike the usual consultancy, their strategies have maintained a fine balance between being creative, business focused and with measurable, data-driven impacts.

“They have also carried this impressive performance over into their work with our portfolio companies, helping them focus on their market proposition and ultimately driving growth.”

– Chris Semple
BBVA Global Lead, Innovation, Digital & Data

The Message that Mattered for a Great User Experience

“At every stage Tollejo has helped us to continue our brand evolution.

“The Mirror showed us what we were doing well and where we had opportunities to improve our commercial performance – highlighting exactly where we were in the market, where we needed to be and how we could get there.

“The findings of The Mirror project prompted us to work with Tollejo to revisit our internal and partner comms strategy. The next project will focus on commercial performance.”

– Ian Borner
CEO of The Data Privacy Group

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